Starting Again

Earlier this year I started doing some blogging at I enjoyed making every post I put up there, but eventually I just got sick of dealing with the overhead of itself. It made posting a bit of a chore. I like really light web pages with big open spaces and a focus on text. is pretty much the exact opposite of that. Sometime around June, I made the decision to move out of there. I even set up this wordpress site you’re looking at right now. Hard to believe was available, but here I am!

I think I got my hopes a little too high that I’d become a regular fixture in the pages of Games for Windows: The Official Magazine, but that didn’t pan out. I’m not one to be squeaky and try to get the grease, and with so many in-house and long-time writers there it’s not a surprise that I only got a few jobs earlier this year and then they suddenly dried up, even in this busy holiday season. No hard feelings… but I definitely tried to hitch my wagon there too soon with the 1UP blog.

Another reason for moving here is the ability to list everything that I’ve ever done in print and on the web in one place. Call it a resume if you want. You’ll find all that in the links up above. All the web work listed was done for where I served as Editor in Chief for about a year and a half. The print work includes all the articles I’ve written for Computer Games Magazine and Games for Windows: The Official Magazine. There are some things that can’t really be catalogued anymore like the work I did for Evil Avatar, my own website One Gamer’s Voice and a single article that I think appeared at Games Domain somewhere along the line. The bulk of my professional work is at GamerDad and in the pages of CGM. It’s all stuff I’m super proud of doing and satisfying to look back upon.

There’s the possibility of Computer Games Magazine coming back again in the future. I hope to be a part of that when it does. Until then, rather than post quite so many long diatribes on Quarter To Three, I’m just going to do that here. If it gets picked up by others, great. If not, well, it’s all stuff I think about. So it’ll be a nice record to someday come back to and go, “Yeah, you were really wrong about that one, goofball.”

Don’t expect me to always say things you like or want to hear. In fact, a lot of what I post to the Internet is just my mind racing along at breakneck speed evaluating some industry trend, puzzling out why something’s successful, why it’s not, why no one “gets it” or even just playing devil’s advocate with the uptight hardcore gaming landscape. Hopefully I’ll earn your respect and entertain you all at the same time. Welcome!



3 Responses to Starting Again

  1. Michael J. Anderson says:

    Hey Dave:

    Love the new blog – definitely agree about how nice & quick & clean this is compared to the piggish convoluted mess of 1Up!

  2. Natus says:


    congrats! I’m so glad you are back to yourself again and yes, off 1 UP. Great article on Blizzard and I will certainly go check out their SC2 site. I’ve just been playing the not-so-hot SC:tbg, so I could use an infusion of REAL StarCraft!

    Did you ever go through the BfME2 games? I just got the Deluxe set, but at first blush I’m really not sure why Tom Chick and his acolytes went wild over it. Would be nice to talk to a fan.

    Can they make the Comments button under your articles a bit larger? That type is hard to see.


  3. davelong says:

    Thanks guys. It’s good to be back doing this again, and I think this is a vast improvement over There’s just too much going on there and that means you can’t focus on what’s being written. Blah.

    This text is definitely way too small. Unfortunately, it looks like I’ve got to pay to have the ability to edit these parts of the blog. I’m probably going to do that, or pick one of the other themes and work with that instead. I had to create the image header specifically for this theme so that the gradient would be there for the silver->white transition at the top, so I’ll have to edit all that if I switch to a different theme.

    I didn’t realize how small the text would be here, and I also don’t like that you can’t see a time on the posts I’m making. I’ll get it fixed up sometime after the first of the new year. This is definitely a better place for the blog, though.

    I’m going to try to update at least 3-5 times a week, mostly only weekdays.

    As for BfME2, I’ll plan to post about the recent EA RTS titles down the road and why I dig ’em. 🙂


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