Tower Defense GotY 2007?!

Not to be too terribly snarky, but hey Stephen Totilo of MTV, we were all playing Tower Defense back in 2003 in Warcraft III. Some were doing it in Starcraft before that. Blizzard even put TD maps into The Frozen Throne expansion because the game type became so popular. The maps have TD- in front of the names.

Why, you can even find a nice tutorial on the web for how to make a great Tower Defense map for Warcraft III, which I imagine would make a great blueprint if you wanted to create Stephen Totilo’s Game of the Year 2007. Look! That tutorial even suggests that map developers create a Leaderboard!

Let’s not forget Stephen’s buddy, Michael Pachter. He’s an old real-time strategy guy. He played Heroes of Might and Magic (same article as the last link… further down). That’s one awesome real-time strategy game. A great game to play for the scores, anyway. Right? Or… not. I mean, he played them for 20 years on the PC, so he’s probably an authority by now. Maybe I’m the guy confused about what real-time means?

You know, it’s great that gaming has found its way to larger news entities and become so big that analysts follow it regularly.

It’s also pretty shitty that those of us who have followed it long enough to have seen all the trends come and go–played all the variants, delved deeply into all sorts of titles and the business of games, and written for national magazines–can’t make a buck writing about it. Meanwhile, these clowns have the gaming world hanging on their every word about some flash game that’s built on gameplay invented over four years ago in one of the most popular games in the industry they cover.

OK, yeah, that was pretty damn snarky and maybe just a little bit bitter.

Thanks to Troy Goodfellow’s Flash of Steel blog for pointing me to the Slate article.



2 Responses to Tower Defense GotY 2007?!

  1. stephentotilo says:

    Wow, Dave, really?

    This clown has Google alerts set to his last name so he can see when people are going off on him or even sometimes saying nice things. Does the tower defense map of WarCraft III somehow disqualify Desktop Tower Defense from being a wonderful game? Would Doom have disqualified Halo 3, if Halo 3 had been my pick?

    And there you were just back on the Flash of Steel blog even correcting the spelling of my name. To think we used to be on the same page…

    What’s your Game of the Year?


  2. Dave Long says:

    Ha! That’ll teach me!

    No, Doom doesn’t disqualify Halo 3, but Desktop Tower Defense isn’t exactly a new concept and I think it’s a little out of the ordinary as a game of the year pick, and I’ve made some out of the ordinary picks in the past myself that I submitted for Game of the Year lists at CGM.

    I think Pachter’s bit about Heroes of Might and Magic helped set me off. I mean, don’t tell me you love RTS and then say how you played a turn-based game, you know? And I’m the guy that’s been going around the boards saying that people in the press ought to be more accepting of the more casual players and think about changing their perspective a little! I’d rather people just be whatever gamer they are than sound like a poser.

    But I know from your past history you’re not a poser, which is why I was telling folks to look at your blog when I posted over at Flash of Steel.

    Anyway, I haven’t really decided on my GotY yet, mainly because I haven’t had a chance to play Super Mario Galaxy among a couple others that will help me make that final decision. Team Fortress 2 is way up there, as is Portal (or the whole Orange Box if it counts as one thing…). Believe it or not, Command & Conquer 3 is also among my favorites for this past year. It’s RTS stripped to the essentials, looks fantastic and plays great.

    Then again, Burning Crusade did ship in 2007… and that’s all I’ve been playing for the last three months. So that’s easily among my GotY picks, and I think a lot of people will discount it because they think it’s “just more WoW” when in reality it’s quite a lot more than that.

    Hey, thanks for reading. This is probably one of the few times we’ll have to agree to disagree. I don’t think I can put a game with its blueprint published a few years ago among the best games of 2007, and I apologize because I do get riled up when writers in the game industry seem to not be aware of the past. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine. We’re supposed to be the authorities on this stuff!

    Oh, and thank goodness you didn’t pick Halo 3, because I’m really not on board with that game being even close to the best of 2007 at all.

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