Gold Plated

What did you do with your Monday night? Me? I shot off my mouth about someone’s pick for Game of the Year and then went and earned a new horse.

Peaches, Valiant Charger of Bayourn



2 Responses to Gold Plated

  1. Natus says:

    goddam it. I’ve got 121 g and I’m only lvl 26. Booh!

  2. Dave Long says:

    That’s a hell of a lot of gold to have at Lv.26!

    Bayourn up there is Lv.63. It took a little while to get my guild together to do the Stratholme/Dire Maul/Scholomance triple play to get the Charger but it’s worth it. Definitely one of the prettiest mounts in the game.

    I like the picture because he glows with the Light under the brownish hazy moon of the Plaguelands. It’s a metaphor for the baseline struggle in the World… of Warcraft!

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