Crazy Kids

Last Tuesday my boys got a veritable cornucopia of new gaming to dive into. Over the last two days, I woke up to find them playing Metal Arms: A Glitch in the System and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 on the Gamecube. /me shakes head.

I asked what was up and it turns out that they just happened to have all the tools to play them, where we didn’t quite have everything needed for all the Wii titles. I’d been slowly adding the nunchuk controllers to the Wii remotes to add up to four remotes and four nunchuks, but the nunchuk purchasing fell behind and we only had two of them. Three boys… two nunchuks… hence they decided not to play Mario vs. Sonic, Mario Strikers Charged or even Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 until they could all play together.

Remotes + Nunchuks definitely makes the Wii a pricey proposition. It’s probably the single biggest expense beyond the console if you have a full family that plays. We’ve got to invest $240 in controllers to go with the $250 system. It’s somewhat justified by the technology inside, and actually one of the more ingenious parts of Nintendo’s marketing of the system. The controllers are the high tech part of the Wii, and one way they reduced the initial cost of the system is by transferring that larger expense out of the Wii console and into something you can add on in the quantity that you need. It certainly puts Wii pricing into the “Next Generation” level of systems. (By comparison, it’s only $50 per controller for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. That’s still pricey in my opinion.)

After discovering this little issue today, my wife asked the boys if they wanted to combine some of their saved money from allowance to get a nunchuk. There was a short period of deliberation and then it was off to Target for one more nunchuk. Dad’s going to have to buy the fourth one sometime soon I think. Fortunately, we’re using rechargeable batteries to save on that expense.


On a totally unrelated note, it’s the end of 2007! I doubt I’ll be updating tomorrow, but I do plan to update every day starting January 1, 2008. I don’t think I’ll be contributing to any end of year magazine lists anywhere this year. So right here at The Long Shot starting on Tuesday I’ll be posting a game a day counting down from ten to one in my top ten games of 2007.


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