Top Ten Recap

Only ten games could be included, and I agonized over these picks for awhile before reverting to the list that kind of just flew off my fingers when I needed to list ten titles I thought were the best of 2007.  Here they are with linkage…

Like any list, it’s as remarkable for what’s not on it as it is for what made it in. The most obvious exclusions to most people will be Bioshock, Call of Duty 4 and maybe games like The Witcher, Mass Effect, Armageddon Empires and possibly World in Conflict. As noted in the first entry for Etrian Odyssey, I just didn’t get to all the games I needed to in 2007.

Since I created the list, I’ve had time to dig into some games that might have made it. I’m not far enough to say for sure, but The Witcher is very impressive. It’s got a lot of rough edges, but the character design is superb and the development of abilities, fighting styles and weapons is slick. The combat is also a hoot, making you feel a part of the battle even though there is clearly some number crunching going on inside the combo-clicking. I want to play it more, and probably will in the next couple months.

I have Call of Duty 4 right next to me at my desk. It’s next up on the parade of games from 2007. I hope to spend some time with it this week. I did play the demo to completion and while the single player didn’t really grab me in that small taste, I can see the possibilities for multiplayer. I’m looking forward to hammering on it and finding all the greatness people have talked about.

That brings us to the big omission, Bioshock. I really like the game. It’s probably number 11 or 12 if I could have that many games on the list. I just… well… it’s not as good as System Shock 2 (or the original) and that bugs me for some reason. I get where 2K Boston was coming from with the game, and I really get why Ken Levine pushed it as a shooter to everyone that would listen. But I think that’s part of what disappointed me, because I want a lot more than a shooter when it comes to 2K Boston, and just tying on a competent story isn’t enough. It has some superb moments, and game makers could learn a lot from it. I think maybe I’ve just been playing shooters that try to do more long enough that this particular one didn’t hit me the same way it did others. For a lot of people, this was their first experience with a shooter in that style, and I had that particular revelation a long time ago. It’s very good, but not in my top ten.

That about covers it. I’ll be doing regular updates on current events in the game world as well as my first experience with my own PlayStation 3 over the next few weeks. Hope you keep stopping by. I’ve always got a lot to say, and I hope to hear from all of you in the comments, too!



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