Sharing the Hell Out of Stuff

Dunno why I never set up networking among all the devices in the house before today, but that’s what happened as I started messing around on my wife’s Sony VAIO laptop. I discovered that there was a Memory Stick Pro slot on this computer, something that was always an impediment to messing with the PSP as a music player for me. I just never had the cable there to hook it up via USB to my desktop PC, so this card slot actually made it easier to put some music on a stick.

…well, that was provided I had set up music sharing on my network which I hadn’t done yet.

After a trip around the house to the 360 for the appropriate URL to get the info on how to set up music sharing on my PC, I got that configured and was listening to Nonpoint on the 360 through the TV. While that played, I got the laptop connected to the desktop PC, too. I started my music transfer via the network directly to the memory stick. As that continued, I went in and turned on the PlayStation 3. One more device configured and now I had music playing through that one while I was downloading the Devil May Cry 4 demo on the 360.

It doesn’t stop there, though. I also downloaded the free Undertow as well as the demo for The Club. The Club should be done by now, but I was also downloading Devil May Cry 4 on the PS3 at the same time. Gotta compare the two, right? You can probably see where I’m going here… I’ll be downloading The Club on PS3 to also compare those two. Expect some impression on the blog sometime around Monday.

Back to sharing… after every device was talking to every other device, I heard Nonpoint on everything in the house. That includes the PSP, which required me to connect to the network to so that it could authorize me via the Internet to listen to WMA files on there. Somehow all this nonsense was ultimately pretty rewarding. It just plain worked everywhere I went. I got some pausing while streaming in the PS3 so I’ll have to investigate that, but for the most part this was pretty cool.

Next step, finally get a surround sound system for the living room. Dunno when that’ll happen, if ever, but it would put the exclamation point on all this sharing the hell out of stuff.

Hope you’re having a great weekend, and don’t miss last night’s update, too.



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