Where’s he been?!

How long’s it been since I updated here? A week? Nearly.

Sorry for the interruption of service. I’ve actually got a lot I’d like to talk about here but I also have a new job writing game reviews again and needed to dedicate all of my time to that this past week. I’ve got that finished now, but will be right back at it next week again. As soon as the first review is posted, I’ll link it here but if updates get sporadic (and you care enough to keep checking in), you know what I’m up to at least.

As for other gaming, I plan to spend some time with Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts this weekend since I found that for a measly $10 at Circuit City today. I also want to dig deeper into Sins of a Solar Empire, another game I bought recently but haven’t spent nearly enough time with yet. I’d really like to get some multiplayer in with that title, but I’m a bit concerned about game length preventing it. Seems like anything but a small map is going to be a good two hours or more. We’ll see.

I’m still pretty enamored of the PlayStation 3. It’s our primary movie player now and I finally got to watch a Blu-ray DVD last weekend and was suitably impressed. Most folks don’t know it, but I spent three years working in the movie rental business and became quite a film buff. You can’t help but get really into film when you have so many to choose from every single day you’re on the job. While I don’t watch as many today as I used to, I still have a massive appreciation for the craft of filmmaking and I can easily see why high-definition film at home is worthwhile. The price is probably too high for the average movie watcher, but as a bonus with the PlayStation 3, it’s definitely a superb deal.

Expect at least one more update this weekend, and I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day.



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