Yes, I’m still alive!

Nothing new to link to, but two reviews are in the can awaiting posting. Another one will go in this weekend and another five soon after that (all those for the same game).

I bought another Xbox 360 to replace the one that’s back getting fixed for the second time. Once the one getting repaired returns from the magic 360 repairland, I’m going to ditch it on eBay.

The “new” 360s are clearly manufactured better than the earlier models. Even the power and audio-video cables fit better when you plug them in. It’s just plain obvious now that the machine was rushed to market, consumers be damned. I hope it never happens again, because to me it’s pretty insidious shit and makes me very unhappy to have been a pawn in their silly competition that they seem destined to lose anyway.

Anecdotes from the Three Red Lights 360 front… the local UPS lady asked “Is that an Xbox?” She knew just by the sight of the box. She specifically said that she gets around ten to fifteen per week. PER WEEK. Think about that for a minute before continuing…

She also noted that around the holidays it was far greater numbers, and last year it pretty much gave UPS all the work they could handle. The console is shit. Sure, there are some cool games, but the console hardware itself is shit.

At Game Crazy, while buying the new one today, someone else was trying to get theirs replaced. Also got the three red lights. He had some fancy faceplate and all painted up and whatnot. They had no used ones and there weren’t any anywhere in the company locally so this guy had to leave without a functioning one despite having a warranty purchased through them! Unbelievable. And the guy just took it. Walked out with his busted console and his tail between his legs while his mom talked about the Wii with the hired help and all the games she enjoys on there. I wish I could’ve had a Microsoft Exec right there to watch the scene unfold. It was positively absurd.

Of course that same Exec would have laughed as I purchased my second box. Let it be known that I wouldn’t have bought this one if I wasn’t reviewing product on the system. If it weren’t for that, and my still insatiable need to stay informed about gaming to give you the best coverage I can, this would have been it. Two failures is two too many. Microsoft better fix their shit next generation (if there is a next gen… recession on the horizon and all…), because if they don’t, it’s clearly all over for them with consumers. People can’t possible accept this kind of bullshit again. They just can’t be that stupid… can they?



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