I posted the link on Quarter To Three, but just in case people don’t see the things I talk about over there, my review of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is now live at Crispy Gamer. Not sure what’s up with the soccer reviews. I hoped to see those by now. I’ll have to ask around again. Don’t like feeling like a nag, but those especially took me a lot of time and effort so I’d like to see them available.

Prologue just isn’t that great. As a time trial racing game, it’s perfectly fine. As a game where you race against the AI or against people online, it’s not. For me, racing games are about the racing, not the tuning. I want to have thrilling battles on the track, not with gear ratios. There’s nothing thrilling about those battles in the garage. Check out the review if you have time and unless you’re a huge fan of the series, I think you can safely skip it.

Free time gaming has been schizo since I turned that in. I’m playing Patapon on PSP which is just maddeningly difficult after the first hour. I progressed so smoothly through the demo version and when I got the full game the whole thing ground to a halt. This is one situation where GameFAQs is my next stop. I almost have to be doing something horribly wrong but I don’t have any idea what that is?

Other stuff I’ve been playing includes the Xbox Live Arcade release of Ikaruga last week and this week I pulled out Sin & Punishment on the Virtual Console. I’m really in a shooter mood right now and Sony apparently knew this because today they released R-Types on the PlayStation Network Store. That’s a great little compilation of R-Type and R-Type II direct from the arcade. They are supposedly “pixel perfect”. I’ve never owned R-Types for the PlayStation so I’ll probably have to download it for the superb price of $6.99. Before I do that, though, I may pull out R-Type Delta which I’ve had for years and just never got around to playing for some reason.

That’s actually been weighing heavily on me this week. I bought Persona 3 FES simply because I know it will be super scarce within a year and I’ll wish I had bought it when it was new. That game has now gone on top of a massive pile of games that I’ve never even put in a console or PC. It’s gotta stop. So many great games in my house and yet I buy more? Why? Why?!

Nothing on the review plate for about a week or two, so I plan to update here more regularly and maybe, just maybe, I’ll play some of these games I’ve had kicking around for years.


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