Out of town!

It’s been way too long since I updated here, and now I’m only doing so to tell you I’ll be in Indianapolis for the next five days!

Every year over Memorial Day weekend, I make the pilgrimage to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. It’s become a tradition that I hope to carry on until I can’t find the means to get there or the race isn’t run anymore. This year my oldest son is going along for the first time as a tenth birthday gift that he probably won’t ever forget. Given that this is one of the strongest 500 fields in recent history, it ought to be a race to remember.

We’ll be flying out tomorrow at 1:45 from Baltimore and heading for some USAC sprint car action in Terre Haute right after we land and pick up our car. We’ll attend another two or three races as well as the 500 itself over the next four days. Like every other year, I’m super excited to make the trip and can’t wait to be a part of another historic race.

When I get back, and maybe even while I’m away, I hope to get back on track with updates here at the blog. I’ve been completely immersed in work and baseball for the last month and a half, leaving little time that I wanted to spend writing. My gaming has been mostly done on the PS3 during this time, with Grand Theft Auto IV and the demo of Race Driver: GRID the most recent things I’m playing. Actually, last night I downloaded Calling All Cars and had a blast playing that with the kids. I got a good deal on a second DualShock 3 so I’m up to three controllers for the PS3 and hope to grab another SIXAXIS somewhere along the way to get to four. Calling All Cars really is so good I wanted the extra controllers to play it with the boys.

I’ll be playing Front Mission on the DS while travelling, and maybe one or two other games unless I decide to switch to the PSP before I leave. The DS battery life is so much better, while the PSP would allow me some music selections. Tough decision…

Hope everyone reading this is doing well, and hopefully I’ll get back on track now. Later!


One Response to Out of town!

  1. You’ll never make it in this blogging business with monthly updates! 😉

    I have never gotten the appeal of auto racing, so, consequently, the appeal of auto racing games. I drive only when I have to, so doing it for fun and profit seems bizarre.

    Have fun in Indianapolis, though.

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