I’ve written fan fiction

Scary, isn’t it?

As part of the Death Knight primer I recently submitted to Crispy Gamer, I wrote about Braxorigan, my Death Knight character created on the night of release in World of Warcraft. I stayed up until nearly 6AM on the day of release after picking up the game at a midnight opening here in Reading. In that time, I was able to play through the entire starting area and get a pretty good feel for how the Death Knight works.

From the time of that playthrough until the article got finalized (the story of Brax was the entirety of the article at the start), I managed to get him up to Lv. 62. That allowed me to reach any skill in the Talent tree and get an even better idea of how each branch plays.  I think the final draft turned out pretty decent, and it’s certainly something a little out of the ordinary for me as a writer. I usually don’t get tapped for this sort of thing so it was cool to get the chance to write differently.

One of these days I’ll write a post on this blog that’s not centered around something else I wrote for Crispy Gamer, but for now have a look at Among the Living: A Death Knight Primer (of course I had to use an Anthrax reference… :)).


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