Never read the comics when they were being released, though it was during a time I was collecting. For years I’ve heard how great the limited series was and to pick up the graphic novel. Now with the film headed our way in March, I finally went out and bought it.

It’s every bit as good as I was told it was. Makes me excited about comics again, to be honest. The days of me collecting are long gone so this won’t get me back on the bandwagon, but it’s definitely a great primer for the film.

I read that there are plans for a videogame adaptation of some sort and I wonder why? This isn’t something that translates in any way to videogames. Why shoehorn it in? It’s also rated R and should be a pretty cold-hearted R at that. No need to go pushing these “heroes” that way.

Just hearing that there is or was a videogame in the works reminds me that videogames always seem to be this secondary thing to all other forms of entertainment. It’s almost like they’re always a promotional tool instead of the prime entertainment form itself. Developers and publishers have to cut that out. It makes the hobby always seem second rate.



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