Frustration and Pain

The title of this post can refer to two things… game-related, it’s all about Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II and more specifically Games for Windows Live.  Personally, it’s about the gaping hole I have in one of my teeth; large enough to park a bus inside it.

Fortunately, the pain hasn’t arrived with the tooth yet. One of my fillings fell out last night and I’ve had all kinds of frustration with this particular molar and fillings just not sticking. At some point it’s likely to require a root canal, but I won’t find out until Thursday if that’s the case this time as that’s the first I could get in. Soft foods and lots of mouthwashing for me until then.

As for Warhammer and Games for Windows Live: it’s Universe At War all over again. Just as in that RTS, I simply cannot get GFWLive to work on my machine with Dawn of War II. I have tried everything. I’ve opened every port they require for GFWLive and gone as far as I’m willing to go. It’s just plain nuts that it won’t work!

What’s even more frustrating is that it’s an entirely unnecessary layer between myself and playing the game. For years and years PC gaming has gotten along just fine without additional services that want massive amounts of open ports on your router, sign-on names and achievements. The games were fun to play all on their own, and finding other players was as easy as clicking on “Multiplayer” and seeing a list of servers. GFWLive throws a whole other layer in the way of me playing and because it’s not transparent, it makes me fume.

I can separate the problems of GFWLive (Microsoft) from those of Relic (the game’s developer) or THQ (the game’s publisher), but how many others who encounter the same problems as me are going to do the same? What completely boggles my mind is why a developer and publisher would want their cart tied to this particular horse. It just seems like a complete waste of time, resources, and consumer good will.

Nothing good has come out of the Games for Windows initiative that Microsoft started and seems happy to mostly ignore in development, technical support and marketing. Just like nothing good has come of this damn tooth and its fillings that keep falling out. It’s probably time for both of them to go away for good.


On a completely unrelated note, Jackyl is coming to Allentown, and I’ll be there even if I have to go myself!


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