Going Rogue

There are so many games I have on my rack that I’ve barely touched. Some of them have never been opened, sealed in shrinkwrap like those behind the counter of your local Gamecube Hut. Every year I say to myself that I should play those games instead of new ones that are coming out, and every year I fail miserably to do that.

Well, this year’s different! Sort of! While I’ll probably buy some new games too, I’m definitely going to play some of these ones that have been taking up space for so long without even a spin of the disc. I managed to get this insane plot started last night with Level 5’s Rogue Galaxy, a Japanese role-playing game from the people who made Dark Cloud 1 and 2 and more recently Professor Layton. How on Earth did I arrive at Rogue Galaxy among all the titles I could be playing? It’s something called “GAF Plays” that helped make my choice.

The Gaming Age Forums have been around a long time, and there are some staple threads that pop up from time to time. Among them are these GAF Plays threads where someone picks a game that’s not brand new and just starts a play through of it while asking others to join them on the journey. RPGs are a popular genre for it because of their length and the abundant options available for character development. I stumbled into that one and decided I want in.

You can read my impressions of the game after two hours of play right here in that same thread. Post 95 is also from me, but if you’re interested in how these threads work, I do recommend just kind of starting from the beginning and working your way down. It definitely helps to be playing along, but if Rogue Galaxy caught your eye somewhere along the way and you’re wondering what it’s about, then this is a good way to get some info.


On a more personal non-game related note, my second session of indoor soccer starts tomorrow night. Really looking forward to that, but it’s definitely going to cut into the Rogue Galaxy time.


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