Who is David J. Long?

I’m a 35 year-old freelance writer covering video and computer games. All my print work has appeared under the name David J. Long. Since the demise of the superb Computer Games Magazine, my output has been much less than in previous years. I’ve contributed to Games For Windows: The Official Magazine and am always looking for other (paying) assignments. I’ve been at this long enough that I’ve become somewhat of an industry analyst, able to discern important trends and foresee potential successes and failures. I’ve also got a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of publishers, developers and their finest hours throughout the last twenty or thirty years.

      Time away from regular writing has gotten me refocused back on the parts of gaming I enjoy the most. That includes PC games of all types, with a specific focus on real-time strategy and World of Warcraft, as well as console games that aren’t made in the PC mold. Nintendo’s Wii and DS are my primary console outlets though I’m fond of the PlayStation 2 library as well. I’ve gotten fed up with Microsoft’s Xbox line thanks to a failed original Xbox and 360. The game lineup also would be suited to the PC just fine, making the console itself seem somewhat irrelevant. PlayStation 3 fails to impress me enough to even consider getting one.

     On a personal level, I’m a father of three boys living in Reading, PA. I’m active in sports through coaching and my day job involves some things called MicroStrategy, Essbase, Arthur Planning and DB2. You can lump it all under the header of Business Intelligence.

     Finally, this blog is a revival of sorts for a column I used to write for GamerDad.com, where I served as Editor-In-Chief for a year and a half. I moved the blog from 1UP.com, though I still maintain the page there as a pointer to this one.


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